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We've started a production studio as well as a film crew that documents the reality series we've been working on called House of RhymeSick & and we also provide a home for all of our artist's official music videos!

LIVE Touring

We build national events, host music festivals, and have been the go-to independent booking agency since 2017 due to our honest numbers, good business, and great vibes because.. let's just be honest.. RhymeSick knows how to party!

RhymeSick Tours

Crypto Currency

We believe in financial freedom for all & understand the power it has to change lives forever, so we set out to change the world by providing free financial education as well as a safe place to invest! ..Can I get a RHYMESICK!?

Rhyme$ick Coin

Video Gaming

Let's face it: life is a game. We play to win, just like you. But too many games are just distractions.. so we're working on  ways to integrate crypto into gaming, teach real world skills to players within digital realms, supported by economics that pay YOU to play. First Game: RhymeSick: Life of a Hustler
#GodMode Activated.

STOP! Learning about crypto?
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